Woo Layout Injector


Edit the layout / styling of the Woo single product pages, shop page and product category pages.



<h2>Woo Layout Injector</h2>

Woo Layout Injector is by far the most powerful plugin designed for Divi/Extra to give a huge amount of control over your WooCommerce site. It allows you to edit the layout and styling of the WooCommerce single product pages, the shop page and product category pages either centrally or on a per product basis..

The ideal Divi Commerce solution, Woo Layout Injector works on Divi and Extra, neither of which allow any configuration at all unless you are able to code in PHP and CSS. Even a seasoned developer will spend a while getting their WooCommerce layouts just right and to look ‘non-stock’. This plugin facilitates that.

In literally minutes you can create both a shop layout and product page layout and assign them to your site. You can set the layouts centrally via the settings page meaning if you want to change your store at any time then you need only edit one layout. You can also override the layouts by product category or even on a per product basic making this plugin ideal for any type of store.

In short, this plugin adds a number of bespoke and highly configurable custom modules to the Divi Builder and a settings page to link them together. You have the freedom of the Divi Page Builder which we all know and love to construct a variety of layouts to suit your needs!


  • Title. Adds the name of the product
  • Info Tab. Adds the contents of the ‘additional information’ tab. Only relevant if your products have attributes or are variable.
  • Reviews. The WooCommerce reviews system. Also part of the tabs module but this is an alternative
  • Meta. lists SKU, category etc.. summary info.
  • Content. This can show the short or long product description based on a setting
  • Add to Cart. Does what it says on the tin!
  • Gallery/Product Image. Shows the featured image for the product with the gallery below. Optionally the latter can be disabled so you can display the thumbnails elsewhere.. surprisingly useful!
  • Thumbnails. Shows the gallery images which would normally appear below the product image but this is a separate module to allow them to show in different areas of your page
  • Tabs. The standard WooCommerce tabs
  • Related. Self explanatory
  • Upsell. Self explanatory
  • Breadcrumb. Self explanatory
  • Loop Archive. Archive layout module used to configure the look/feel and the child layout to make the shop/product categories work
  • Shop/Category Title: Used for the archive template to show the category title or the shop title accordingly


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