Tilt Blurb 3D


Allows you to add 3D tilted hover effects to your Divi blurb modules


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The Tilt Blurb 3D plugin for Divi allows you to add 3D tilted hover effects to your Divi blurb modules.

Read the full plugin review on the Elegant Themes blog.

Developers description;

The tilt effect works on hover. As you hover over the image with your mouse cursor the image will appear to tilt. The position off the mouse cursor determines the tilt direction and amount.

The module includes all the settings of the standard Divi Blurb Module and adds settings to adjust the tilt effect in a number of ways to allow you to create some unique effects for your images.

You can adjust the Tilt Amount, the Tilt Perspective, the Tilt Speed and Scale just like the Tilt Image Divi Module but with the addition of a Glare Effect and an adjustable ‘parallax‘ type effect which makes the Blurb Content ‘float‘ above the background.
There’s a whole lot more to the Tilt Blurb Divi Module, including the ability to ‘fix’ the Blurb Size using a hidden image so no more messing with padding to show the background image at it’s full size.

Tilt Background
Although a somewhat misleading description, the Tilt Background when enabled adds a new ‘3D’ layer to the Tilt Blurb that can sit behind or in front of the Blurb. Use it to create more depth to the Tilt Blurb or to create some interesting effects as you can see in the Demo.

Tilt Layers
The Tilt Layer effect allows you to add up to 50 duplicate layers (multiples of 5) that sit behind the main background. These can be an image or a solid/transparent color, or both! This can give your blurb background a solid 3D effect.
The script used for the Tilt Effect is called ‘vanilla tilt’ which is a forked version of tilt.js. It’s a very lightweight script that weighs in at just 4.5kb. All the other effects in this module use HTML/CSS so despite the vast features the plugin remains very lightweight.

Please bear in mind that the Tilt Layer effect can have an impact on performance when using transparent .png images and semi-transparent layers so do be conservative when using these types of images with this effect.


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