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The Testify plugin for Divi Creates an attractive and engaging testimonial section for your website: Testify. Both easy to use and customize, setting up a beautiful and functional testimonial section to showcase positive customer feedback is a breeze. With Testify, you’ll be enticing site visitors and converting them into customers in no time.

View the Testify demo site here
View the Testify documentation here

For an alternative Divi plugin for testimonials, check out Automatic Divi Testimonials.


  1. Melissa

    I have submitted multiple support tickets (which I had to do on a borrowed computer because the form for submitting a support ticket on this site doesn’t work on my mac/firefox computer), each time receiving an autoreply that they would respond within 24-48 hours. The first time was June 3rd, again June 15th, again June 20th. No response to any of my support requests. I posted a review on their site asking them to answer my support requests on June 28th and they DELETED my posted review. Here we are June 30th, more than 27 days – far past the 24-48 hours promised – from my first request and still no response. The only response I’ve had is to the one ticket I opened asking for a price quote for custom coding. That they responded to the very next day, so I know they are receiving my support requests.

    Some basic features of Testify simply do not work. The entire Advanced CSS tab for the Testify module DOES NOT WORK. Not the CSS class, CSS ID, nor any of the custom css fields. If I put a Testify module on a page, and right below it put a Text module with the testify shortcode, I can give them both the same class code, and the Text module will display the testimonial with the correct CSS class formatting, but the Testify module will completely ignore the CSS class.

    The checkboxes for “Disable on: Phone, Tablet, Desktop” DO NOT WORK. No matter what boxes I check, the Testify module shows up on all screen sizes. Again, other modules such as the Text module work as expected, even if they contain the Testify shortcodes.

    It might seem as if the solution would be to use only the Text modules with the Testify shortcode instead of using the Testify modules themselves, except for the fact that all the modules with Testify shortcodes produce blurry, low res images, but in the Testify modules the images look great. They are the SAME IMAGES, set with the same widths and both set to download the original image size.

    I don’t know how else to get help with these issues. My client paid for this plugin, and it doesn’t work correctly. I’ve tried submitting help tickets, I’ve tried using the contact form, I tried replying to the one email response I did receive about the cost for custom coding, I tried posting a review on their site. I can’t get any response. It’s been a MONTH. They deleted my post on their site asking for help rather than respond to it. It seems like they are actively avoiding providing support.

    If I don’t receive some sort of response soon, I will advise my client to start a chargeback on their credit card payment, which any merchant will know that you want to avoid chargebacks on your credit card processing account if at all possible.

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