Perky Animate


Merges the Call-to-Action, Blurb and the title effect features from Fullwidth Header Extended into 1 new module



The Perky Animate plugin for Divi merges the Call-to-Action, Blurb and the title effect features from Fullwidth Header Extended into one new custom module from Divi Web Designers.

6 Title effects:
You can choose to have purely typing, rotator, textillate or TextGIF effect or some static text in front while typing/rotator effect following after it at the same time.

Typing Effect

You can define the speed of the typing speed
Delay the time of effect
Delay the time before backspacing
Enable/Disable looping effect
Change the color of typing font
Change the color of the backspace
Rotator Effect(Lots of Animation)

You can define the speed of the rotator speed
Change the color of rotator font
Textillate Effect

Many Animation for In and Out Animation Effects
4 Types of animation type (Sequence, Reverse, Sync and Shuffle) for In and Out Effect
TextGIF Effect

TextGIF effect to make your text like a hole in the page by using gif images
Add image background effect
Text Behind Title

You can have a background text behind the title as well. Positioning would require some custom CSS on the Advanced Tab depending on font-size and length of text.
Fancy Line on Title

You can select to choose before or after the title
Text alignment and line alignment
Line spacing on the top and bottom
Set line color

Use Icon or custom image
Text orientation
Text Vertical Alignment (Top, Center or Bottom)
Border Wrapper:

Wrap a border outside the content
Select border styles (Solid, Dashed, Dotted)
Background Effects:

5 types of background gradient (Left to Right → – Top to Bottom ↓ – Radial ○ – Diagonal ↘ – Diagonal ↗)
Overlay Effects:

5 types of background gradient (Left to Right → – Top to Bottom ↓ – Radial ○ – Diagonal ↘ – Diagonal ↗)
2 types of overlay styles (Boxed or Full)
Background Image Filters:

Zoom image on hover
7 types of effect on hover (Grey, Sepia, Saturate, Invert, Brightness, Constrast and Blur)
Hide content:

Able to hide content (Better to use with background image)
Show content when hover
Alternative title and description to show in the center when you hide the content with ability to choose alignment from top-left to right-bottom
37 types of appearing content effects to choose
49 Animations to choose from:

Set animation on the whole section
Set animation/delay effect on title, sub heading, image, content, buttons and scroll down buttons
Video Popup:

Video links will be taken from button one or button two link
On click popup on button one, button two or making the whole perky animate clickable
Make Entire Div Clickable

This will make the entire Perky Animate Clickable with your URL link or open them up in new window
Advanced Design Settings

All Title, Content, Buttons, Border Wrapper, Alternative Title, Background Image height can be styled
Hover Push Animation

This will enable a raise effect on the div when hovering slightly pushed up.
Tilt Effect

This will have an Interactive 3D hover effect.


  1. Chaz DeSimone

    Documentation SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS
    Oh wait a minute, it can’t suck — THERE IS NONE!
    The Documentation page says “This documentation page is still pretty new and we are working to finish up soon. Thank you for your understanding.”
    How do you release a product before the instructions are ready? I’ve wasted 3 HOURS trying to get the plugin to work, to even show up in the Divi Modules library.
    I’ve sent a ticket, let’s see what happens. Hopefully before I demand a refund which they say “will be at their discretion.”

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