Listen to the Divi plugins episode, learn + get 25% discount

This week the team over at Divi Chat are talking about Divi Plugins and cover a range of useful plugin info.

At the end of the show discounts are announced ( use coupon code DIVICHAT25 at checkout) and include 25% off Page Builder Everywhere, Divi Staff, any of the Aspen Grove Studios Plugins.

Streamed live on 14 Feb 2017
“The third-party ecosphere for Divi plugins has blown up in the past couple years. Divi-specific plugins are really great resources for any Divi site because you know they’ll be compatible. We’re discussing some of our favorites in today’s episode and we’ll list them below.”

Hosts Present:

David Blackmon –
Kathy Kroll Romana –
Leslie Bernal –
Sarah Oates –
Geno Quiroz –
Olga Summerhayes –
SJ James –

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